REGISTRATION - Camp Tekakwitha


If you already are familiar with the registration procedure, you can proceed directly here. If not, we invite you to read the details below.


By clicking on the “Proceed to registration” button, you will access Camp Tekakwitha secured homepage. Once your profile created, you will be able to access it at any time to update the camper’s information.

Please note before starting that if registration is completed over the Internet, all fees are paid by cheques. More information will also be requested in the spring to complete registration.

Our customer service is available weekdays between 8:30 and 5:00 (EST) at 418-843-1532 to help you in the registration process.


Please note that we will start registration process starting November 30th following these guidelines:

  • Until December 17th, 2017, priority is given to 2017 campers and pioneer who wish to sign up for the same session in 2018.
  • Then, until January 19th 2018, priority is given to campers of the last two years.
  • After this date, registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, where places are available. Former campers do not have priority at this time.
  • Don’t wait! …
    – New campers: …be on our priority list!
    – Former campers: …so that you do not lose your priority.


We wish to thank multiple children families for their support. We are happy to offer parents rebates to bigger families.


Please note that boarding fees are eligible for childcare deductions in the province of Quebec.


For those who wish to make a donation or to ask for financial help, please visit our foundation webpage.


Past and current parents and campers, pass on the information to your friends and family!
In preparation for its 80th season, Tekakwitha is pleased to announce that two 50% rebates covering pension fees will be randomly given to current parents who will have referred new campers.
New 8-13 year-old campers who will have been referred and signed up for the 2018 season could also win a 50% pension fee rebate (conditions apply).

Talk about us to your friends and family!

For more information, give us a call.


13/14 DAYS
(option for 8 to 10 year old campers)
June 24 to July 6
July 7 to July 20
July 22 to August 3
August 4 to August 17

June 24 to July 20
July 22 to August 17


13/14 DAYS
(option for 8 to 10 year old campers)
2nd child: $50
3rd child: $100
4th child: $150

2nd child: $100
3rd child: $200
4th child: $300


13/14 day sessions for 8 to 10 years old CAMPERS
$180 – registration fees (non-refundable, to be paid at registration)
$485 – pension fee – 1st payment (to be paid at registration)
$810 – pension fee – 2nd payment (to be paid at the latest May 1st)
$1475 TOTAL

27 day sessions for 8 to 12 years old CAMPERS and EXPLORERS
$180 – registration fees (non-refundable, to be paid at registration)
$805 – pension fee – 1st payment (to be paid at registration)
$1570 – pension fee – 2nd payment (to be paid at the latest May 1st)
$2555 TOTAL

27 day sessions for PIONEERS
$180 – registration fees (non-refundable, to be paid at registration)
$910 – pension fee – 1st payment (to be paid at registration)
$1625 – pension fee – 2nd payment (to be paid at the latest May 1st)
$2715 – TOTAL


We offer and organize transportation to and from our Camp for Quebec City and Montreal ($240 two-way trip). A shuttle service is also offered to and from Portland Jetport for US$70 one-way trip or US$140 two-way. You can reserve transportation online in your Sport-Plus account or by directly contacting us.


(Mainly for Non-American campers) In accordance with American regulations, all children under 15 years old must prove their Canadian citizenship (for example birth certificate, citizenship card, passport) to cross the American border. Children 16 years old and older must present a valid passport. All children traveling by air must have a valid passport.


If your child (Canadian citizen only) is not covered by valid travel insurance while being a camp, a $35-dollar fee will be charged for the two weeks stay and $65 for month stay. All other kids must absolutely provide the camp with proof of insurance.


Registration fees are non-refundable. Pension fees are 100% refundable if cancellation is made before April 1st 2018.  If a cancellation is made on or after April 1st (also including leaving before the end of session), Camp will reimburse the least amount of the following: 50% of the pension fees or value of unused pension days.  On the other hand, no refunds will be given in case a camper or pioneer leaves or is being expelled for bad behaviour (pre-existing health issues, boredom, drugs, violence, vandalism, steal, etc.).  For any valid reason, Camp authorities have the right not to reimburse a client.