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Kids who live Camp Tekakwitha experience participate to a wide variety of activities.   Most of them take place outdoors, on our 250-acre (one square kilometer) site.  A standard activity day is divided into four periods: two of them are activities with their group, and two where campers can pick from those offered.  Security is utterly important at all times.  Indeed, our Camp respects all ratios and recommendations dictated by the Quebec Camps Association, as well as the Maine Department of Health and Human Services.


Campers can practise climbing on an impressive 10-meter tower.  A specially trained instructor will guide them in their first steps.  The three sides, offering different levels of difficulty, will challenge campers as well as pioneers.


Archery, demanding sport that necessitates great concentration, is practiced under a shelter, allowing to practice this activity rain or shine.  A specially trained instructor teaches the basics of this sport and ensures that security measures are in place.


Challenge course stations are very popular and offer challenges for beginners as well as the experienced.  Whether it be our Tarzan swing,  zipline or cooperative games, campers will see their self and others confidence grow.  Climbing, crawling, walking without losing your balance, and taking off are part of the challenge!


Sports field are common on our site and many activities are offered: basketball, soccer, volleyball, street hockey, ultimate Frisbee, slack line, dodgeball and more.


Commonly called “La ruche”, natural sciences activities will allow campers to explore this great pristine nature that Tekawitha is, and discover obvious as well as hidden nature.  Frog hunting, bid calling, nature-rally and stargazing are a few of the activities that our specialist will offer during a stay.

The most beautiful memories, hands down! I would pay a lot to go back and experience these memorable summers. All these great values and knowing how they are incomparable are important. To me, Camp will stay in my heart forever, and hope my two daughters will also get the chance to live it. – Dave G.


Our camp is located in a particularly sunny part of New England; this allows everybody to take full advantage of the fantastic sandy beach. For all nautical activities (exception made of the designed bathing zone), life jackets are mandatory for both campers and staff members.


Under the supervision of a lifeguard team, the bathing area brightens summer days.  Greatly appreciated during the two periods, Lake Androscoggin’s particularly shallow waters heat up very rapidly to an average of 80ºF (25ºC). This makes all water activities even more enjoyable.  It is also possible to play ball games, read build sand castles or simply… relax!


An impressive slide, a floating trampoline and a floating carpet bring happiness to those seeking strong sensations and balance.


Lake Androscoggin, a large pristine lake, will allow campers to know the sailing basics in either of our boats: Sunfish or Hobie Catamaran.  A specialized instructor is in charge of all activities.


An impressive kayak fleet will satisfy paddle lovers, whether it be for a friendly race, going on a nature discovery trip or to simply appreciate the common loons singing.


Popular for the last years, paddle boarding is great to master balancing or surf on our lake waves.


On sunny days, campers will also be able to watch, while canoeing in nearby marshes, turtles, muskrats and ospreys nesting on our Camp island.


For fishing enthusiasts, a boat expedition at sunset may allow to fish a great pike, bass or a few yellow perches…

I have to say that since I am back at Camp, I have noticed how much better I feel! This summer has allowed me to gain self-confidence, and for this I am grateful. I just can’t believe how I positively changed in this short month, most particularly while I was in my 8-dy hike in the Appalachian Mountains. I’d like to thank everyone at Camp for having accepted who I am, but mostly having liked me as I am. – Noémie


At Tekakwitha, there is room for imagination, freedom of expression and concentration! Creativity, self-discovery, critical thinking and sensibility are amongst the benefit of practising artistic activities.


Pottery or “ceramics” is an artistic creative activity that has always been popular and waited for year after year.  Under supervision of an instructor whose one of multiple responsibilities is to stimulate imagination, everyone at Tekakwitha (staff members as well as campers or pioneers) have the pleasure of creating terracotta artwork that will be part of an exhibition at the end of the stay.


The “Abri-colle” is our arts and crafts activity that allows everyone to undertake, accompanied by a specialist, all kinds of projects that will put forward their imagination, dexterity and sense of arts that will make them proud.  Make room at home!


Songs, legends and theme nights are always welcome at our campfire activities.  It is to the fire crackling sound and warm light that evening quietness comes and slows us down.

I have to say that we were all very different and that made it interesting. We learned to know each other, through activities, difficult moments and frenetic evenings that no one wanted to miss… I have learned a lot when I was at Tekakwitha. I have become more mature and lived things that just a few had the chance to. – Charles-Luc


During their stay, campers and pioneers will experience plenty of special activities that spice up daily activities and make them live unforgettable experiences.


Camp Tekakwitha is lucky to be at a short distance of the ocean.  Campers and pioneers will then go to the beach on a warm and sunny day.  Popham Beach State Park – a hidden gem- is our destination choice, thanks to its impressively large beach.  No need to mention that security is our first concern: every camper is paired up with a designed counsellor that will be on duty for the full day, with a maximum of three to four camper.


All staff members prepare what we call in house “The Circus”.  Transformed into all kinds of silly characters, they are in charge of their stands where campers’ skills will be challenged.  After an outdoor pizza supper, a parade announces our Circus opening..


Official Olympics music, opening ceremony, flag bearers, all cabins become countries: our Olympics day is serious business!  All of the main sports are part of the day, as well as being proud to represent countries.  A closing ceremony where medals are given ties up this special day


All groups will go on an outdoor camping adventure whose length will vary according to the campers’ age.  The younger ones will therefore set up their tent at “La Pointe”, a great place to hear the common loons.  Every once in a while, an old Native American stops by to tell legends.  The older campers will go on a canoe adventure, or hiking in the nearby countryside and appreciate the beauty of Maine’s lakes and nature.


It regularly happens that Tekawitha receives visits from silly and funny characters.  Sometimes, gypsies arriving from no one knows where need our help to find lost gems.  We’ve also seen pirates appearing on the lake to take back a hidden treasure…  Invaders have always, for the last 75 years, been pushed back.


Depending on the chosen stay, different special activities will brighten some evenings.  Corn party, ice cream party, special theme nights, improvisation, living legends and bonfires will make us sing and dance at a fast pace!

It is the period of my life that made me grow the most and think that made me the girl I am today. Thanks for having creating the pioneers. I am proud of having been among the first ones in 1991. – Dominique H.


The Appalachian Trail, one of the oldest mountain trails in America, extends on 2 190 miles. The section in Maine is probably the wildest, offering spectacular views. A stay in the AT is a vibrant experience. Pioneers will undertake hikes that vary from 55 to 145 miles in 8 to 17 days, depending on their age. This passionate experience requires good psychological, physical and material preparation that is carefully executed, thanks to our expertise gained in the last 45 years.


The Appalachian Trail, one of the oldest mountain trails in America, extends on 2 190 miles.  The section in Maine is probably the wildest, offering spectacular views.  A stay in the AT is a vibrant experience.  Pioneers will undertake hikes that vary from 75 to 155 miles in 8 to 17 days, depending on their age.  This passionate experience requires good psychological, physical and material preparation that is carefully executed, thanks to our expertise gained in the last 40 years.


Another component has also been specially thought for our pioneers.  During their stay, junior and intermediate pioneers are called to elaborate and realize with their hands a project that they will be proud of, that will leave their trace at Camp or in the Appalachian Trail.


Aside from these activities, our pioneers can obviously take advantage of all activities offered at Camp, including special activities like a day at the beach, the traditional homemade “Clunkers Race”, “Sport your Life” day and more.